Scams telling you to pay with Bitcoin on the rise FTC ...

Does the Bitcoin URL scheme for HTML5 work?

I have just found out that back in 2013 bitcoin was added to HTML5's URL scheme (
But I did not find a way to implement it? So I am assuming that it is not available (yet)? Does anybody have more?

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Bitcoin URL scheme added to HTML5!

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Does the Bitcoin URL scheme for HTML5 work? /r/Bitcoin

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Does Wasabi (Windows desktop) support Bitcoin URI's

As the topic says.
Can Wasabi open and autofill information from a Bitcoin URI?
More info here:
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Don't use iOS wallet if you need to send exact amount

Unfortunately this bug isn't fixed for a year now. I don't know why. When you scan a QR code with with bitcoin url scheme somehow iOS wallet strip around 100-200 satoshi. The consequence are underpaid invoices. Upvote for visibility and fix.
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Darf ich präsentieren: Bitcoin Update Folge 23

Bitcoin Update Folge 23 vom 1.5.2013:
Ich freue mich eine weitere Folge unseres Podcasts liefern zu können:
schaut auf oder abbonniert unseren RSS feed.
diesmal mit folgenden Themen:
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Spanish Prosecution Office Investigating Alleged Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme: $1 Billion in Investor ... (current BTC/USD price is $10,604.80)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Spanish Prosecution Office Investigating Alleged Bitcoin Pyramid Scheme: $1 Billion in Investor ...
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Bitcoin Price | Bitcoin Mining | Blockchain
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Great Sign ups If You Have No Money!

So I recently got scammed by someone on the sign ups for pay subreddit who claimed to have no money, all sorted now but regardless, it got me thinking on the best referal schemes for people who have no money
Zelf - ref non ref
No spend!
Sign up for a card and get a free £5, for every friend that joins also you both get £5!
Topcashback - ref non ref
£1 Spend to hit £15 cash out
Sign up and navigate to the free cashback area.. I would complete the credit check, taste card trial and pay £1 for the lotto social ticket to hit £15.
Penfold - Ref non ref
Spend £25 minimum
Kind of a delayed beer money? But when you sign up via my code and deposit at least £25 into your pension we both get £25!
Ohmydosh - ref non ref
No spend
Sign up via my link to get an extra £2, you can easily hit the £10 minumum sign up without spending a penny. I advise you to use an empty bank account though in case they do try to charge you for a free trial!
20cogs - ref non ref
Varies.. I spent about £30 to make £150
Requires a little more money than the rest, but I included it as it gives you the opportunity to make so much more than the rest!
Honey - ref non ref
1 purchase via the app
Sign up via the link and make one purchase to recieve 500 honey gold (valued at £4.50) you will also recieve cashback for that purchase!
Oval -
At least £1
Download the app, make X1 savings installment. When you sign up via the code JPB2DGRPU and you will get £5
Sweat coin - ref non ref
No spend!
Download, sign up and start making money for walking!
Cash app - ref non ref
X1 Payment
Download sign up and when you make your first payment you get $5
Qmee - ref non ref
No Spend!
Sign up via my link to get 50p free. This is a chrome extension which pays you to click adds and answer surveys. Instant cash out!
Curious cat non ref
An app which supplies surveys of around 50p with a £1 cash out!
Morpher - ref non ref
Sign up via the link and get $7 worth of free bitcoin!
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Blow To Bitcoin As Portnoy Warns Cryptocurrencies Are Just One Big Ponzi Scheme (current BTC/USD price is $10,709.99)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Blow To Bitcoin As Portnoy Warns Cryptocurrencies Are Just One Big Ponzi Scheme
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CFTC Alleges 4 Individuals Defrauded Customers in $1M Bitcoin Trading Scheme (current BTC/USD price is $10,670.04)

Latest Bitcoin News:
CFTC Alleges 4 Individuals Defrauded Customers in $1M Bitcoin Trading Scheme
Other Related Bitcoin Topics:
Bitcoin Price | Bitcoin Mining | Blockchain
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IOTA URI scheme and metadata exchange format

The QR code in the Trinity wallet contains a string of 81 characters indicating an address. Only to people familiar to IOTA, this has a meaning and even then, no one will quickly recognize the exact length of 81 characters.
Other information in QR codes contains a URI, like a web URL, mailto, contact data in VCF, etc. Any QR code scanner will directly know what to do with that information. Even Bitcoin has a URI:
I think that IOTA could also benefit from having a proper URI scheme, like:

Items in stores could then be provided with tags for automatic payment or reading of a URL with information about the authenticity.
Applications in the IOTA ecosystem can then work seamlessly together, the step to introducing IOTA can be transparent for most users and services can be built on top of IOTA more easily.
The next step would then of course be an exchange format, where distributed wallets can communicate with each other, contact data that can be exchanged over the Tangle, etc.
I think the first step to this would be a clean URI scheme, but I haven't found anything and seeing that the Trinity wallet does not even include this, I doubt that this idea was considered before. I also do not think that the community can define a good scheme, as only the IF knows what's in the pipeline and are at the forefront of standardization.
Is anyone aware of efforts in this direction or reasons why this does not seem to have been done yet?
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[Wyoming, US] Is it legal for a website to falsely claim to be registered in this state?

I don't want to give the website hits, so I'm leaving the URL out of this post.
A cryptocurrency YouTuber with a modest following caught my attention about a year ago and I have used my OSINT skills to reasonably conclude he's a con man. I've got about 40 screenshots confirming he is using a pseudonym, has lied about being a special operator in the U.S. military, has multiple felony convictions, and he is grossly exaggerating his success in cryptocurrency.
All of this has been in service to pump-and-dump schemes involving alternatives to Bitcoin.
His latest venture is an online course in becoming a social media influencer. Someone with OSINT skills exceeding mine has published a blog post outlining it as a scam using a lot of the old tricks, like buying "Likes," "Friends," and reviews. This time, he has name-dropped an extremely popular YouTuber but there's no indication they've even heard of him.
My first thought was to shoot that YouTuber's talent management office a screenshot of the use of their likeness and the URL, but that's where I'm stuck.
His website has a "terms of service" that looks legitimate, but the address is for a P.O. Box in Wyoming (he is not, nor has he ever been a resident there). The Wyoming Secretary of State business registry has no record of any LLC or SP that uses the address. I spoke to an ex of his and she said in the past he would claim his "business" was incorporated somewhere and simply not file any paperwork to save money.
I sent an e-mail to the Wyoming SoS with the link and asking an approximation of this question, but they simply said they were "just an office for filing" and suggested that a lawyer might be able to help me.
I can't think of a way to effectively warn people who might be duped, so I feel like I have a moral obligation to deplatform him. That said, I really can't afford to drop whatever amount a lawyer would require for a consultation.
Is what he's doing illegal? To whom should I share my evidence that he's lying about these things to enrich himself?
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Bubba Wallace Scores a New Sponsor, Will Use a New Green Bitcoin Paint Scheme (current BTC/USD price is $9,217.01)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bubba Wallace Scores a New Sponsor, Will Use a New Green Bitcoin Paint Scheme
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Bitcoin Price | Bitcoin Mining | Blockchain
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🤔Your Opinion Matters 🔥 So Store It Safely On-Chain And Earn From It

💡Yup - Rate Anything on Any Website

Yup is a second layer social capital protocol built on EOS blockchain. It enables you to upvote or downvote all the content on the internet. It also facilitates a reward scheme and governance model centered around reputation, which means it pays you to rate the internet.
Here’s how you can get money and clout: Add the browser extension, it takes just two clicks and is 100% free. Click the Yup icon and rate anything, like cute pet photos, viral debates, top influencers, fun memes, gifs, or any random links. Then how to earn your tokens and influence? If others give similar opinions to you, you’ll earn YUPX tokens. The tokens can be swapped for Venmo or Amazon cash.
You can use the extension on any site. Additionally, some reactions on major social media such as Twitter likes, YouTube likes, Reddit upvotes, Google Maps ratings will be treated as Yup votes too.
Begin “yupping” right away and earn!

💡Koalament - Store Your Comment Safely

Koalament is an opensource commenting service that uses an extension to store comments on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.
Your comment will be bound to a key (label), that can be a URL, hashtag, brand name, topic, etc. No user, webmaster, service provider, etc. can remove your comments as a result of a disagreement between parties. It does not require any permission to access the browser’s data and your privacy is protected. So you can leave a truly censorship-free comment on any website!
It supports Chrome and Firefox browsers. The steps to install the extension and make things work are pretty much like Yup. But for Koalament, you have to log in with a specific wallet. The Koalament team charges a fee that in total wouldn’t pass $0.006 per comment to prevent users from spamming the network.
Enjoy the decentralized and uncensored web!

💡AltYes - Turn Your Browser Into Your Posting “UI”

AltYes makes it possible for you to share content on various social networks within a few clicks.
AltYes is providing a very user-friendly browser extension to completely socialize the internet on an unprecedented level. You can crosspost anything on different platforms. See a meme on Twitter? You can easily share it with your community on Telegram.? Find some useful knowledge on Wikipedia? Post it on your Facebook timeline right away.
With AltYes, you are also able to potentially earn some extra income for sharing your life and experiences with the world. If you share content to Hive blockchain, where this project is built, you might get some tokens as a reward. So you can enjoy the benefit of blockchain tokenization by simply surfing in your browser, without having to know all the ins and outs of programming.
It’s available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Netbox browsers.
Yes, turn your browser into your posting “UI” now.
You may also like:
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Building Ergo: Sigma protocols

Ergo’s smart contracts and DeFi functionality are built on Sigma protocols – a powerful, flexible class of zero-knowledge proofs. Find out more about why they’re so important, and how they put Ergo head and shoulders above the competition.
Cryptography is a fascinating area, and one of the most exciting and intriguing concepts it offers are zero-knowledge proofs. In simple terms, a zero-knowledge proof allows someone to prove they know the solution to a problem without actually revealing the solution itself.
Let’s say someone picks up a phone in a bar. You can prove it’s yours by hiding the screen, entering the unlock code and showing the unlocked screen to the person who found it. This is a simple example of a zero-knowledge proof: you have proven you own the phone without giving away any sensitive information.
In cryptography, most practical problems are associated with secrets. The most popular application lies in digital signatures, used by millions of people around the world every day. Essentially, these involve saying: ‘This message proves I know the private key associated with this public key – but I’m not revealing the private key itself’. (Not every digital
signature scheme uses zero-knowledge proofs, but the most popular do.)
Sigma protocols Among the hundreds or even thousands of zero-knowledge protocols, there is a sub-class of efficient and composable proof-of-knowledge protocols called Sigma Protocols. These are also known as Generalized Schnorr Proofs. Sigma protocols can be represented as digital signatures in a straightforward way, so we can effectively think of them as signatures in the context of blockchain.
A Schnorr signature is a simple Sigma protocol signature, then. Schnorr signatures have been proposed as an alternative to Bitcoin’s current signatures. (It is one of the most efficient signature schemes, which is why it would be beneficial for Bitcoin.)
However, there are dozens of other Sigma protocols. One of the great things about them is that they are composable, using simple AND and OR logic. So you can ask for a signature with the following statement: ‘Prove to me knowledge of either this secret OR that secret’ (this is a one-of-two ring signature). Or you can ask, ‘Prove to me knowledge of any two of these three secrets’ (a two-of-three ring signature). Those are just two simple examples; there are many more, and they can be far more complex and sophisticated.
Ergo: Sigma + blockchain When combined with a blockchain, these composable proofs enable some very powerful use cases. The logic for proofs can include conditions based on blockchain state. For example, ‘If the deadline block height has been reached, Alice can provide knowledge of a secret key for a refund. OR a ring signature from Alice and Bob is required to spend coins.’ Or ‘If this account holds a minimum of 100 ERG, Alice OR Bob can remove funds above that amount.’
Thus some very interesting and flexible DeFi applications can be built on Ergo, using secure, straightforward and efficient Sigma protocols.
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Ergo use cases: safe, simple financial contracts

Ergo enables new models of financial interaction, underpinned by smart contracts built on flexible and powerful Sigma protocols but easily accessible to developers.
One of the most exciting things about blockchain is the possibility of making digital agreements without any trusted intermediaries. In the simplest use case, pioneered by Bitcoin, Alice can send a payment directly to Bob, wherever the two of them are located around the world, with no bank or any trusted third party needed. However, with the functionality of a modern blockchain like Ergo, it is possible to make far more complex and sophisticated financial agreements than simple payments. Take the following example.
Gold-backed tokens Alice uses ERGs to purchase gold-backed tokens from Bob. Bob stores the gold in a secure vault, and uses the blockchain to issue one token for every Troy ounce of gold he has. Alice can then use these tokens freely in different contracts, transferring and trading them under whatever conditions she specifies in the smart contract code. When Alice wants to sell the tokens for physical gold, she can conduct another transaction with Bob, receiving ERG in return, at market price.
The point of blockchain contracts is to eliminate the need for trust. While the purchase transaction is now trustless, in this instance Alice still needs to trust Bob about two things. Firstly, Bob may refuse to swap the gold tokens back to ERG at the correct price when Alice wants to sell. Secondly, Bob may default on his obligations – running away with the gold, or misusing the funds he receives and running a fractional reserve.
Extending the contracts To address these issues, we can create an Oracle, or decentralised price feed. This uses multiple sources of external data to record the price of gold to the blockchain at regular intervals. This price feed will be the reference point for the redemption contract that manages the sale of Alice’s gold with Bob (or any other participant). Thus the system automatically enforces the right price when a swap takes place.
The second situation requires a third-party insurer, Charlie, whose service is also hosted on the blockchain with a smart contract. When Alice purchases gold from Bob, she additionally buys an insurance contract from Charlie. The payment can be dependent on factors including the amount of insurance required, and Bob’s reputation – again, managed by a decentralized feedback mechanism. Now, if Bob defaults, Alice will automatically receive the value of her gold tokens, with Charlie effectively acting as a buyer of last resort.
Programmable contracts There are, of course, many other example use cases like this one. We can also extend this use case, adding further economic actors. For example, Charlie may sell shares in his insurance business to Dave and other participants, providing them with a proportion of revenues in return for ensuring he has the capital he needs to cover any liabilities from the outset.
However, even the most complex use case is simpler than general-purpose software that can be used to program any contract. After all, generalised logic must be both far-reaching and secure. Moreover, even a specialised contract is made up of many steps, each of which is fairly simple. Thus another requirement for a general-purpose platform is that it should simplify the process of writing contracts, making them as accessible (and safe) as possible. This can be achieved with the use of template agreements, with customisable parameters. The insurance contract above could be based on a module with flexible parameters, for example. This could be used and reused in many different circumstances.
Ergo’s approach This is essentially the approach that Ergo takes, providing superior support for real-world financial agreements. It does this through:
  1. Support for multi-stage contracts (watch details for developers)
  2. A simple high-level language, ErgoScript, enabling clear descriptions of contractual logic
  3. Support for formal verification of contracts for improved security guarantees (Ergo Platform deployed its first formally verified p2p crowdfunding contract just three months after the network launched)
  4. Easy Oracle creation
  5. Native support for complex signature schemes In short, creating financial contracts on the blockchain isn’t just about the functionality you provide. It’s about making that functionality safe and accessible, as well as powerful. Ergo achieves this and more.
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Fellow priest of Satoshi preaches about magic money to money-hating anarchists

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Japan's crypto-friendly financial services company SBI Holdings will give shareholders the option to receive the XRP cryptocurrency as a benefit.

SBI announced on Friday shareholders could either take the benefit in XRP or another product offered by health food and cosmetics subsidiary SBI Alapromo.
Under the scheme, new shareholders on the company's registry as of the starting date of March 31 can accept XRP to the value of 2,000 yen (around $18), while those who've been shareholders for over a year will receive 8,000 yen ($73.50) in the cryptocurrency.
The Alapromo alternatives include cosmetics, health supplements and brown rice powder. All shareholders are being given a 50-percent discount on supplements and cosmetics sold by the subsidiary.
There is caveat for those who would take the XRP benefit: they must be resident in Japan and have an account at SBI's cryptocurrency exchange VC Trade, which launched in 2018 as the first crypto trading platform backed by a bank.
SBI has been one of the most active corporations in crypto and blockchain. As well as the exchange, it has a crypto mining division that recently was reported to be involved in potentially the world's biggest bitcoin mine under development in Texas.
The firm has also formed a joint venture with Ripple, which is involved in the development of XRP, to offer a cash transfer app called Money Tap. That project has seen participation from a number of Japanese banks.
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Looking for frontend developers and artists for building CryptoPandas during the SLP hackathon!

We’re looking for experts for building CryptoPandas during the SLP hackathon.
CryptoPandas is basically an adaptation of CryptoKitties to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, but with lower fees and an (arguably) cuter species.
CryptoPandas uses SLP NFT1 tokens to represent the genome of a panda. New pandas can be birthed by anyone who has a male and a female panda. Only panda tokens following the birthing specification will be considered valid, similar to how only SLP transactions have to follow the SLP rules, albeit invalid token transactions may exist on the blockchain.
For the user, the process looks as follows:
For the implementation during the hackathon, the following has to be implemented:
This would require the following experts: - A Script/CashScript developer (that could be me). - An SLP-savvy backend developer (could be me too). - A general backend developer who sets up the APIs for the frontend and does the panda validation. - An SLP-savvy frontend developer (assuming WebAssembly is an option, that would be pretty much the same as the above) for performing the birthing process. - A panda-savvy artist who’s able to create different layers for different traits of pandas (definitely not me). - A general frontend developer who’s good at creating a good UX (absolutely not me).
If any of the above seem attractive to you, please write me on telegram: @tobiassan
The technical process looks as follows (review SLP NFT1 specification for SLP details):
While this scheme is quite complex, it fully non-interactive, ie. the only thing the operators of CryptoPandas have to do is maintain a pool of anyone-can-spend parent tokens. Verification has the same properties as the Simple Ledger Protocol, meaning to verify a panda token, a DAG check has to be performed.
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Digital gold: Promoting and advancing gold worldwide

Digital gold: Promoting and advancing gold worldwide
Digital gold is a blockchain based endeavor that expect to set the gold market with blockchain going for digitalization of gold, the essential metal which have been used as a methods for bit and experience for unlimited years.
Customers can use the platform in a brief moment purchase the GOLD token, each coin being identifying with one gram of 99.99% FINE gold that is controlled in the company's(DIGITAL GOLD LTD) vaults. In like way, the tokens pull in customers to in a meandering way use gold to make budgetary exchanges, or to utilize it as a wealth hoarding approach.
To help give a striking degree of trust, all gold traversed the GOLD token is managed in the alliance's expressed vault, in relationship with BullionStar.
Every GOLD is given using ethereum sharp understanding ,without a doubt the aggregate of GOLD tokens put into stream can be ensured by frameworks for any Ethereum square explorer and 100% of this tokens got are checked by physical gold.
The firm is ambiguous from the estimation of physical gold that is discovered the chance to support customers, and set away in a BullionStar based secure vault. Customers are permitted to complete their due affirmation by referencing the BullionStar live outline reports. Everything considered, an unapproachable audit report is given on a quarterly clarification, in that inspiration driving requirement referencing the estimation of gold being controlled.
The Digital Gold endeavor isn't a Hidden Coin Offering, as no crowdfunding effort is being done. All undertakings are self-kept up, consequently any checking of the GOLD token results in an undulating mind blowing understanding based confirming of physical gold.
  • It is a stablecoin that is pegged to the estimation of the gold spot respect, thusly going about as a stablecoin, promising it against plug tendency digital money show, while in like way empowering customers to benefit off entire strategy gold cost rises.
  • Secure gold having a spot with GOLD Tokens customers can be energized proprietors of physical gold manhandling the green endeavor confirmation of this significant metal without encountering the issue related with getting and security of GOLD.
  • High liquidity: Customers can without a ton of a stretch sell or exchange ceaseless gold tokens at whatever point wherever, since the token supporter association.
  • DIGITAL GOLD LTD, comparably fills in as a liquidity provider. Customers are permitted to quickly purchase and sell a tremendous extent of tokens, by structures for the Digital Gold Business center, or right hand exchanges.
  • Private having a spot we perceive how head security is right now is particularly no affecting motivation to give any significant data to buy, sell or exchange with GOLD Tokens, with only system of email Which is epic for assertion of exchanges made with GOLD Tokens.
  • 24\7 scheme interfaces with sell,purchase and trading of GOLD Tokens.
Getting GOLD couldn't be any enduringly moment, the DIGITAL GOLD platform is an absolutely utilitarian condition which has its own one of a kind novel phenomenal business center. GOLD tokens can without having issues be exchanged for digital money related structures like Bitcoin and Ether.
To vivify further liquidity for GOLD, it will be recorded on more exchanges. GOLD is open for buy on
The business center is outfitted with essential instruments to help with include assessment and worth projection. The buy and approach system is obliged by sharp understandings, considering solid exchanges. Customer sponsorship is likewise immediately open to assist people with referencing and other sensible data on finding a good pace center and different highlights of the platform.
We handle that Gold has been used as a structure for wealth security really from a long time back. this is inferable from how Gold is routinely suffering and has an entire game-plan getting sway , gathering that disregarding happening precisely true to form to keeping a spot of Gold in your home for a certified drawn-out time dispersion and paying little mind to using them as pearls , you can despite sell it and make benefits since the expense of Gold is dependably seen to be respected.
Generously visit the beneath site for additional inside and out information about the undertaking
Website :
Whitepaper :
Telegram :
Twitter :
Bitcointalk username : Meto08
Bitcointalk profile Url:;u=2280884;sa=summary
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Admins: Implement the Onion Mirror Guidelines to remain listed on

Admins, To reduce the impact of phishing and to ease automatic PGP verification of mirrors, is now defining the Onion Mirror Guidelines. (“OMG”) Admins that implement this standard show a commitment to user safety by proving ownership of all URLs associated with their site, and by committing to regularly prove control of their PGP key. Sites which do not implement these guidelines by Dec 1, 2019 will be marked as "unverified" on and listed below all other sites. DarkDotFail ========= Onion Mirror Guidelines ("OMG") Version alpha You must host these text files at all of your .onion URLs: /pgp.txt - Required - HTTP 200 text/plain - A list of all PGP public keys allowed to announce your official mirrors. - May contain multiple PGP keys. - All keys must be ASCII armored. - Do not list a key here unless it is trusted to sign official .onion URLs. - Example: http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/pgp.txt /mirrors.txt - Required - HTTP 200 text/plain - PGP SIGNED list of all official mirrors of your site. - Mirrors must be signed by a PGP key which is in /pgp.txt hosted at all of your URLs. - Any line in this file which begins with “http://“ or “https://“ is an official mirror of your site. - Mirrors must all host the same content. No related forums, no link lists. Place forums, other sites in /related.txt instead. - All valid mirrors must only contain a scheme and domain name, no ports or paths. - /pgp.txt and /mirrors.txt must have the same content on all of your URLs. - Text which is not intended to be parsed as an official mirror must be commented out with a “#” as the first character on the line. - Example: http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/mirrors.txt /canary.txt - Required - HTTP 200 text/plain - PGP SIGNED message MUST be updated every 14 days. - Can be signed by any key specified in /pgp.txt - The message must contain the latest Bitcoin block hash and the current date in YYYY-MM-DD format, with string “I am in control of my PGP key.” and must also include the string "I will update this canary within 14 days." - If you cannot do this you should not be running a darknet market. - Example: http://darkfailllnkf4vf.onion/canary.txt /related.txt - Optional - HTTP 200 text/plain - PGP SIGNED list of all .onion sites related to your site. - This is where you list forums, link lists, related services. - Follow the same rules as /mirrors.txt 
Signed message:
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Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Says BTC Is Basically a Pyramid Scheme (current BTC/USD price is $8,799.46)

Latest Bitcoin News:
Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver Says BTC Is Basically a Pyramid Scheme
Other Related Bitcoin Topics:
Bitcoin Price | Bitcoin Mining | Blockchain
The latest Bitcoin news has been sourced from the Bitcoin Price and News Events page. CoinSalad is a web service that provides real-time Bitcoin market info, charts, data and tools. Follow us on Twitter @CoinSalad.
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URI scheme The Money Flower and why Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme ... Is Bitcoin A Ponzi Scheme? cryptography - Identification Schemes Rickards: ‘Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme’ - YouTube

Matthew Peterson, chief marketing officer at Jive Communications, adds that in the future, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will drastically change their roles: “…cryptocurrencies are revolutionary ideas that are currently camouflaged in get-rich quick schemes. Even if they’re not technically scams, it’s a mathematical fact that all “legitimate” Bitcoin cloud mining businesses and consumer-oriented miner rental schemes are invariably bad investments. Learn more about how Bitcoin mining works, and how cloud mining doesn’t. How to avoid cryptocurrency mining scams Sometimes, attackers create a fake URL by replacing one letter of the address. For instance, they can replace a zero in it instead of the letter ‘o’ which can lead you to a fake site. Scammers may try to use you to move stolen money. If you help them, you could be what law enforcement calls a money mule. Money mule scams happen several ways. The story often involves scams related to online dating, work-at-home jobs, or prizes.Scammers send money to you, sometimes by check, then ask you to send (some of) it to someone else. I received the same email on April 23, 2020 from [email protected] same threats as others have reported. I reported to [email protected] outlook, Cox Communications, FBI IC3 and FTC. 24 hours passed and then a new email from Sinclair Pledger <[email protected] >. it is the exact same letter however the bitcom address is different. then a caller from Uganda tried to call 256-700-041-517 blocked called.

[index] [8035] [2002] [16922] [34966] [21009] [31119] [29741] [6799] [30070] [2706]

URI scheme

Some of these include Crypto Cash, Bitcoin Rejoin, Bitcoin Supreme and Banking on Blockchain."Further analysis of the URLs revealed that a short link takes a victim to another URL which already ... URI schemes are frequently and incorrectly referred to as "protocols", or specifically as URI protocols or URL protocols, since most were originally designed to be used with a particular protocol ... Bitcoin has been in existence for all of eight years but a debate is raging in the investing community: Is the cryptocurrency actually useful beyond just bei... Introduction to Schnorr Signatures for Bitcoin & Lightning Network. Schnorr Signature Tutorial Part1 - Duration: 8:44. René Pickhardt Recommended for you In 2017 bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reached an all time high. In this interview, Morten explains how we can define and characterize different forms of...