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20+ fraudulent accounts on the OneVanilla offer list

There are over 20 of the same accounts stealing the top offer list on the One Vanilla payment method list. This user has created over 20 accounts, all ID verified, and is using them actively to push all the legitimate vendors down the offer list. What he is doing is working, as volume for my company is down and I've contacted another legitimate vendor and his volume is down as well. I've had some of my usual customers contact me saying they couldn't find me on the offer list. If you look at the offer list, you can see the 20+ accounts with the offer label "5113, 5432 or 5164".
The great thing is that the perpetrator uses the same woman as the profile picture for some of his accounts, which I assume is a stolen identity. I've went ahead and made a list of all the accounts that he is using to cause this market disruption.
Accounts with same woman PFP, and "5432, 5164, or 5113" offer label: (not active anymore, was active days ago though) (not active anymore, was active days ago though) (not active anymore, was active days ago though)
Accounts of other suspicious users; they all have the same "5432, 5164, or 5113" offer label. Most likely the same user operating them:
Developers can most likely check these accounts for similarities between IP addresses/ID documents.
This is causing a server disturbance of volume to me and other legitimate vendors. The user is also limiting his offers to MasterCards (hence the 5432, 5164, or 5113) which makes up not even a quarter of OneVanilla trades, as most customers have Visas or Amex. By doing this, any new customer won't use the OneVanilla payment method if they see 20+ offers only accepting MasterCard gift cards, which could hurt the volume for the OneVanilla payment method as a whole. Please look into this and take action accordingly ASAP, it would be appreciated by us legitimate vendors. Thank you for your nonstop work!
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