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Bitcoiniacs ATM Prices, almost $200 CAD difference between buy and sell

While I'll admit that right now the Bitcoin ATM(s) are probably the most convenient way to exchange bitcoins and cash (on the west coast), the cost of doing so seems a little steep.
At the time of posting this:
According to their rates found at Bitcoinacs Rate Calculator:
While I understand that obviously the currency exchange plays a part in these prices, counting the estimated 3% or so cut they take there is still at least a $30 dollar difference in price after fees and currency exchange.
As a Canadian I'm once again reconsidering my options as to where I want to exchange my cash and BTC without having to lose ~$100 per bitcoin transaction in such regard.
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This year Bitcoin prices have been rising , from $ 13 up to $ 250 . For some people, a bit like some sort of foreign currency , is used to fry . However, if there are more Bitcoiniacs and Robocoin future such companies , as well as products such bitcoin ATM appeared bitcoin or in people's daily life can play a greater role. Bitcoin ATMs began to pop up around the globe at this time also. Robocoin and Bitcoiniacs launched the world’s first Bitcoin ATM in October 2013. This historical ATM resides in Vancouver, Canada. The same month, the Chinese internet giant Baidu allowed clients of website security services to pay their invoices using Bitcoins. 2013 – Robocoin and Bitcoiniacs launch the first bitcoin ATM 2014 – Bankruptcy of Mt-Gox after suffering a theft of 744,000 bitcoins 2015 – The United States declares bitcoin as merchandise and the European Union dictates it free of taxes. This subreddit is about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for Canadians. Spend Your Bitcoin: Trezor.io (Bitcoin Hardware Wallet); Ledger.com (Bitcoin Hardware Wallet); Purse.io (up to 33% off Amazon); Bylls.com (pay off your credit card); Coincards.ca (Canadian gift cards); KW Smart Home (5% off to redditors!); Silvergoldbull.ca (Canadian bullion coins); Bitcoiniacs - Physical store in Vancouver Bitcoiniacs bitcoin lagerBitcoiniacs. There s Bitcoiniacs who have meetings everywhere every week,. By aghost juli 11, Hur. Bitcoiniacs The Bitcoin Store Home. Bitcoin for the Befuddled 53 Google Table 4 1: Popular Bitcoin Exchange Intermediaries Company name Services offered* Location Established Bitcoiniacs Buying mortar Bitcoin store Kelowna ...

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