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Doge Token : AKA the post Sporklin did not want to make.

At times Twitter is not the platform that allows the proper conveyance of engagement, 280 characters is generally not enough; especially for myself. Given the topic here I ask that you allow me the grace of a proper platform in order to do this in a manner that leaves little question to intention.
I want to preface this given rarely do I have to do these in public. Myself, the Dogecoin Core Developers believe that the space is wonderful, diverse, creative, and engaging across the several thousands of assets that exist. It is neither my intention nor our intention to prohibit, attack, dissuade or otherwise disincline something from existing in the space. However every now and again projects do pop up that seem to want their "upstart" in the space to begin with attacking Dogecoin. As a community driven asset with deeply communal ties to the entire space there are moments where even we pause and ask for clarity. This can help to gauge intentions, cause and more than once has led to showing someone as a "bad actor" in the space. We have spent over half a decade working with the Doge/Dogecoin branding, there are many assets with the name which we believe only helps to engage further people into cryptocurrency.
So Doge Token.
DogeCoin is technologically behind
However, it’s core technology has not been upgraded much, and it has not been updated in well over a year latest releases from 2015.
Github can be hard to manage, and understand. What I fail to fathom is how you missed that we have had 7 releases since 2015. Dogecoin Releases. Further for the coming 1.14 release there was active and ongoing communal interaction and input along the way as Dogecoin is a social consensus asset not just network/chain consensus based. Path to 1.14 Which for noting puts our public start into 1.14 barely a year beyond the 1.10 DogeParty release. (Which happened in 2016, where you state nothing has been done since 2015.)
Further as is shown there in the above posting 1.16-dev shows work. 1.17-dev Shows work as of 11 days ago even as we are waiting on final push for 1.14. This all counters your claim that there has been no releases, that nothing has been upgraded much.
If you would care to explain why your white paper states otherwise I would be willing to listen, especially given as it is rather public what we are doing, when we are doing it, and further more who is doing what. We are community based, and there are comments on both @dogecoin along with @dogecoin_devs both have been active in keeping communities updated. I sourced most of the postings for the large post from reddit, and that is only half of the updates. We have also spent time among the telegram communities, slack, discord, Steam communities, IRC communities across a span of multiple languages no less interacting, updating, and engaging with users.
Rolling back into the initial statement, "Dogecoin is technologically behind". I am curious where you see this, personally. This was gone into recently, by someone else who screamed the same things. Reality of Dogecoin Perhaps you missed this as well?
Doge Token lives on the Stellar blockchain
Stellar is the one of the fastest growing and largest blockchain platforms out there.
Stellar nodes/validators 43 have uptime in the past 24 hours.
Dogecoin Nodes This private node saw 420 other ones in 24 hours. (There are other versions listed there, they are forked coins that did not change the basis so appear on our node relay maps.) Nevermind what our public nodes see daily.
Do not take this as a hit to Stellar, it has been around since July 2014. It is old in the space which is amazing it has lasted given how many projects die. However stating that it is one of the fastest growing and largest blockchains, is a bit of a stretch. It is a rather creative stretch in reality. I understand they function differently than Dogecoin in their handling, still "largest blockchain platforms out there"; just to note.
ETH 6439 July 2015
BCH 786 BTCU 698 August 2017 / January 2016
BSV 485 November 2018
I got fairly far down the list on CMC and to continue seemed overly harsh as the trend continued.
Constant updates and support further improve the Stellar blockchain platform.
Factual they also do micro releases (small tweak releases) and they do master branch implementation and developmental work. A bit different than many things in the space.
Shibe loves Stellar.
It is a bit mutual. Dogecoin is such an interesting blockchain and serious project, that peek the advisors we have ties, old ones. Even as Stellar grew over the years more than a few of their services did drops to Dogecoin just due to the history between the assets. OneCred rip now This was one of the early services for Stellar.
PoW vs Green Tech
DogeCoin: Much Hash, Such Work
Even though DogeCoin has many orders of magnitude fewer transactions and smaller transactional value, it now exceeds over 20TH/s in terms of hashrate.
You are not wrong, in fact the other day we were one of the tops for hashrate in the entire space. It has been a long while since we were near 20TH/s though hashrate 9/22/2017 was the last time we were under 20TH/s. Just as a note, more transactions does not mean more energy spent as the energy spent is per block which contains multiple transactions.
The amount of electricity wasted to power stagnant technology negatively impacts the environment
You seem to have missed that Dogecoin is AuxPoW, this means that Dogecoin mining is a byproduct of Litecoin mining. Which is why our hashrates are generally close. This also takes the energy "waste" down to running a node, which most networks in the space have. Deciding it is wasteful simply for your narrative in Dogecoin's case; seems short sighted and a bit targeted.
and reduces mining rewards.
Given there is a very low energy cost via AuxPoW, there is not a reduction in mining rewards. Further given Dogecoin entered the "legacy" mining period we are beyond halvening, we are forever to the 10k block rewards which facilitate ongoing transactional functionality. Transaction fees, along with block rewards go to the miners; there is no reduction to the mining rewards for the miners.
Despite all this waste
Given the network is rather efficient, I do not understand the implication of waste.
DogeCoin is still theoretically much less secure than Stellar.
Based around what theoretical reference? Dogecoin is five and a half years old, in actual reality of functional existence ..Dogecoin has not had an attack that in any manner made the blockchain less secure. Further more blockchain audits, independent security reviews, network health reviews tend to be part of the listing process for the higher level compliant functioning exchanges. To date we have yet to fail one, shutter or even has a questionable passing.
You state Dogecoin is insecure in theory.. Did you miss that Dogecoin follows Bitcoin's upstream? The codebase is public, if you wish to state we are insecure I will ask you for the proof of your claims, it is a rather grave implication to make without cause. I assume you have found something everyone else has missed, care to share?
Doge Token: Such Green, Much token
Transparency and Safety
DogeCoin: Much scam, Such Sad
Remember the days of tipbots. Yes? Well we’re sure things didn’t end very well for the most avid tippers.
Pardon? I ask this honestly as we have had multiple tipbots ongoing for multiple platforms; with no issues in assorted communities that have had no issues. Surely you are aware that the tipbots, are external, third party offerings; they are unattached and uninvolved in the actual Dogecoin project. I state this because you seem to be of the mind that because something happened externally, on third party offerings, by third party developers; that it somehow reflects on Dogecoin itself.
Applications built on DogeCoin are often closed source and non-contract enforced.
Discord - Frog's
Discord - BA
Discord - BitsBot
Discord - MSFT
Twitter - Beir's
Twitter - TipDoge
Reddit - Dogetipbot - Mohland - Redacted code
Reddit - Dogetipbot - Mohland - Redacted code
Reddit - AltcoinTip -Vindimy
Reddit - SoDogeTip
IRC - Doger - One of the longest running tipbots in the space.
IRC - Doger Soak
Slack - Val
Telegram - Peakshift
These are just the ones off the top of my head.
We only mourn for the nice shibes who were victimized by these viles scammers.
Broad statements are made here in relation to all the tipbots. The one that did have issues, you seem to have missed was not actually tied to the project. Further more it was not just a tipbot that was impacted but an entire company. DogeTipBot.
Doge Token: Such Clear, Much Trust
Doge Token cannot be attacked with 51% attack and this makes us invulnerable.
You are correct, it does not take a 51% attack to take Doge Token down. It takes sadly removing two nodes from the Stellar network down to take everything, in the fullest down. Due to their more centralized nature of issuance, and operation the base network under Doge Token is publicly known to have several issues. Recently Stellar had a review by an external third party. Stellar security which goes on to detail several known issues in relation to the base functionality methods of Stellar. Understanding that on the base, anyone can claim anything noting that David himself came out to reply seems important. Further adding to this is just what KAIST is along with why it is important to note that it was not just random people making these claims.
Stellar exploit allowed 2.2bn Lumens to be created 2017. This was an onchain direct exploit.
Ongoing issues with Stellar, one which related to SDEX where Doge Token exists bug reporting.
Stellar Dex had an issue disclosed, which rather went interestingly.
Now the very important distinction here, what I have listed above are on chain issues, they are flaws exploits, problems related to the base code of functionality of Stellar itself; not third party issues. They are also public knowledge to be issues do please do not assume I am taking a swing at their project.
In the interest of disclosure there have been third party troubles relating to Stellar as well.
There was the BlackWallet hack Jan 2018 hack that resulted in 400kUSD stolen.
This makes Doge Token more trust-worthy than DogeCoin.
I will note that your entire white paper is based around false claims, baseless speculation, very easily disproved comments about the Dogecoin project, and further more implied relations which are not the actual basis of anything. We have tried in vain repeatedly to contact your project, and you have resisted.
I understand the space is huge, in fact we find it wonderful that it is so diverse. What we pause at, and what will always pause at are projects that make baseless claims, attacks, spread misinformation and bluntly put, lie. Whatever your intentions are this is not the best way to step into the space, especially given we have already had to answer for your projects comments, and we are also very curious why you took a logo without credit to the artist.
In terms of trust? Dogecoin has been here for over half a decade, our engagements are public, our codebase is public, our communications. Our communities are user driven, our third party platforms are also user driven. Where do you find fault in the trust-worthiness given who we are is rather public, we engage in the space openly as people, we are honest, direct and very proactive in relation to the entire userbase.
Sadly, the same cannot be said for you. With this it is our hope that you do correct your statements, that you do make things clearer, further more crediting the artist of your logo would also be kindly. Your methods are deceptive, your entire whitepaper is made up of libelous commentary. I do hope we can find a middle ground that does not take this much further given your stance thus far as been to mislead users by making grossly incorrect comments to further your own personal gains.
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Merged Mining: Analysis of Effects and Implications

Date: 2017-08-24
Author(s): Alexei Zamyatin, Edgar Weippl

Link to Paper

Merged mining refers to the concept of mining more than one cryptocurrency without necessitating additional proof-of-work effort. Merged mining was introduced in 2011 as a boostrapping mechanism for new cryptocurrencies and countermeasures against the fragmentation of mining power across competing systems. Although merged mining has already been adopted by a number of cryptocurrencies, to this date little is known about the effects and implications.
In this thesis, we shed light on this topic area by performing a comprehensive analysis of merged mining in practice. As part of this analysis, we present a block attribution scheme for mining pools to assist in the evaluation of mining centralization. Our findings disclose that mining pools in merge-mined cryptocurrencies have operated at the edge of, and even beyond, the security guarantees offered by the underlying Nakamoto consensus for extended periods. We discuss the implications and security considerations for these cryptocurrencies and the mining ecosystem as a whole, and link our findings to the intended effects of merged mining.

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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 102 - Weekly Wrapup #8

Hey all! GoodShibe here!
Here's your week, all wrapped up in a bow!
And for another Shibe's take on things, please take a moment to pop by and subshibe to - he's having his first moment of doubt as a writer (ah, I remember my first... don't worry, there will be many more!), so let's all give him a bit of encouragement, okay? ;D)
Many thanks to all of the incredible Shibes who came forward to help with my first Pre-Weekly Wrapup Prep thread - I really appreciate the help!
Best Pictures/Memes
Shibe Spotlight
Businesses Holding Dogecoin
Businesses Accepting Dogecoin
Dogecoin Dev/Software/Web
Dogecoin Podcasts
Good Reads
In The News
Did I forget anything? Of course I did! Please let me know in the comments and I'll add it!
It's 10:00AM EST and we're at 72.25% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is holding steady at ~59 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is bouncing between ~778 and ~904~
If you want to get yourself some DOGEs, now would be a great time to do it!
Finally, if you'd like to help protect the Dogecoin network by Mining Defensively, to be there, helping to protect our Global Hashrate, no matter the cost, please join us here.
And if you'd like to help protect the network but are unable to mine, there are still LOTs of ways to help! Please join us here!
As always, I appreciate your support!
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[Shibenomics 101] Market Cap? GDP? PPP? Moon???

So there's been an unbelievable multitude of threads ranging from "Shibes, is Ð1 = $1 possible?" to "Shibes, Ð1 can never be $1, stop dreaming."
first of all, never tell a shibe not to dream.
second of all, much much more than the ratio of dogecoins to bitcoins to dollars determines the exchange rate of a currency, and that is the subject of today's shibenomics lesson.
Everyshibe has probably heard of GDP, but to define it very quickly - the gross domestic product is the value of all goods and services produced in an economy over a period of time. Normally, GDP is calculated per year, but for the analysis in this article and dogecoin in general, i find it more constructive to think of GDP per day.
Now, how can we possibly find out what the GDP of dogecoin is? The USD has a whole bureau of economic analysis to do that and they still get it wrong half the time...
Herein lies one of the many beauties of the blockchain. The block chain is like a public ledger of every transaction in dogecoin, EVER - which means we can just find the last block with a transaction on Wednesday, January 15th, and the last block with a transaction on Thursday, January 16th, and every transaction in between is part of the GDP for Jan 16th.
note: shibes already versed in economics will point out that some of these transactions may not be for goods and services, but rather conversions from USD or BTC, and some of them may be double counted because they are buying an ingredient for something they plan to sell later for more dogecoins - these objections are somewhat correct, but systematically overestimating GDP means you can still measure GDP change over time, which is what we're really concerned about, and conversions from other currencies are our equivalent of exports
So, as of now, our GDP on January 16th was a whopping 46,793,497,531 DOGE ($18,078,761 USD). Before you object about pay-it-forward threads and tipping and such, let me remind you - tips are a micro-transaction for a service (the service of making you smile :) ) and pay-it-forward threads are the shibe version of state-sanctioned lottery - which is the service of gambling. Now, gambling and entertainment an economy do not make, but 18 million dollars is a pretty big deal. Only bitcoin, litecoin, and quarkcoin have higher GDPs per day than dogecoin, and among those only dogecoin has a reasonably sustainable average transaction value (~$200 vs >$8000).
Ok, so now we know dogecoin has a GDP, and that shibes can feel pretty good about it. Even more impressive, dogecoin GDP has grown from $6.74 million on December 18th to $18 million today - 3.22% per day - at current growth rates, our GDP this time next year would be $1.78 TRILLION (11% of the US economy). Now this is probably unsustainable, but even growing at 20% of our current growth rate for a year would leave us only behind bitcoin in GDP per day.
Now let's consider market cap - the first thing that is striking about dogecoin isn't that its 6th most valuable in terms of market cap - its that dogecoin is the only crypto who's GDP exceeds its market cap, and that too by a whopping 62%. This means that for every 1 dogecoin you spent today, 61.7% of that dogecoin was passed on, and then passed on again, and so on. The velocity of money in the doge economy is ludicrous, and it confers a high degree of stability unto our economy, so kudos all around! A fast velocity of money not only helps fight changes in prices, it also makes it possible to post very high GDP numbers without having a large monetary base.
Apart from this, its also worthwhile to note that our market cap in USD has grown by around 3.6% per day, while the number of dogecoins added to circulation grows by around 2% per day - so despite all the mining, dogecoin has been appreciating in value quite rapidly in value.
On a more theoretical note, it is worth spending a moment to consider PPP (purchasing power parity). In high school economics, PPP means that a big mac in the United States should cost the same amount of real value as a big mac in China, and that the exchange rates will move to reflect that reality. In reality, PPP is more of a goal than a law - it's pretty hard to buy a big mac in China and bring it to the United States so that you get your food cheaper at lunch. In cryptoworld, however, PPP is the law - a bitcoin must cost the same amount in litecoins, dollars, and dogecoins, and the exchange rates will change to reflect that. PPP has so far been strongly determined by the BTC, LTC, DOGE triangle, as there is still not a large volume USD/DOGE exchange to allow arbitrage between the USD/BTC/DOGE (arbitrage is the force that makes PPP a law). Thankfully, a DOGE/USD exchange is probably just around the corner, and so soon we should see DOGE/USD and DOGE/BTC stabilize a bit because of this.
PPP also extends to the world of mining - a kh/s mined on one currency will try to be worth as much as a kh/s mined on another currency - the best example of this is multipool. Right now, it is highly profitable to mine dogecoins because of the strong economy & exchange rate and the low block difficulty, compared to other alt coins relatively weak exchange rates and higher difficulties. Each coin has a predetermined global hash rate it will support based on its coin reward and target block time, and uses the difficulty to keep the reward & timing schedule intact.
What this means is that as more miners work on dogecoin, it becomes less profitable to mine doge unless its value relative to the other cryptos goes up - and this is the cause for the cycles of highs and lows we see in DOGE/BTC. These cycles will probably not stop after the February 14th block halving, but they will be occuring at higher and higher valuations.
It's a point of shibe pride to mention that of all the cryptos, dogecoin probably has the least wealth concentration - the top 100 transactions in dogecoin are only 3.15% of the daily transaction value, whereas for other currencies that number can reach near 50%.
In conclusion, it'll probably be disappointing to hear that I have no clue where DOGE/USD or DOGE/BTC will be in a week, much less when it will hit 1 dogecoin per 1 USD. What I can say, and what should be evident from the numbers, is that dogecoin is developing a strong economic foundation unlike any of the other altcoins, and is much less seedy than bitcoin's early economy. Some of the core difficulties of dogecoin going forward are going to be maintaining our ludicrous velocity of money, which means finding and developing new markets for tipping, diversifying our economy away from mainly tipping while keeping a focus on micro-transactions, and creating a more effective store of value besides hoarding coins in a wallet or giving them away in PIF threads and waiting for them to come back.
statistics used in this article are available on:
submitted by kwickymartkidd to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Progress on the block version upgrade

We're at 94% version 3 blocks being mined, vs 6% version 2:
At 95%, any further version 2 blocks which are mined will be rejected by the network (the sort fork). This is important to do because it fixes the security issue that led to Peercoin forking back in November:
If you are running Dogecoin Core 1.8.3 or 1.10, Multidoge 0.16 or the Android wallet (latest), you're fine.
If you're running any older version of Dogecoin Core, and especially if you're mining, you MUST update. There's a lot of security fixes in the new clients, as well as this block update. If you can move to Dogecoin Core 1.10, please do so, and 1.8.3 is available as an alternative for anyone who cannot. On first run 1.10 will reindex the blocks you've already downloaded (rebuilding the index used to find blocks quickly on disk), which takes a while, but it only happens the first time - while this runs it will show you your balance as of the last block it's indexed, so don't panic if your balance isn't correct until the reindex finishes. As always, back up your wallet before starting.
Lastly, one of the big pools that's out of date is CleverMining, and we haven't had any luck contacting them to get them to upgrade. If you have contact details for them, and could pass along this notice, it would be appreciated. If you're mining with them, please check if they're paying out correctly, their BitcoinTalk thread is filling with people with problems:
submitted by rnicoll to dogecoin [link] [comments]

Nyancoins Megapost - Central Link Collection

Edit: Going to finally start an overhaul on this (April 23rd, 2016); it's been six months since the last edit. I'm going to go from current back, so there's going to be a gap between this top, new stuff and what's below until I finish the update.
I'm just going to have the last six months all shoved together into one large update here. There's weak categorization, but basically just think of it as a huge list. In general, the newer items will be higher within a given category than the older items. I apologize if I left anything out which people would like to see included. Some things I considered more of a temporary update than something relevant months later, but just PM me and I'll add anything requested!
We're currently in a quiet low point. Nothing catastrophic is happening, but we are relatively weak. I call it "the best nadir" because if this is as bad as it gets, we're doing alright. The price is down to 4 satoshi now, which is the lowest sustained price since the beginning of the revival. I'm going on a year behind my original goal for releasing NYAN2, still stuck on a new build computer (alternately time and energy to cripple together a build system out of what I have available).
One major new element: I've set a goal for us to have a mission to visit the site of Apollo 17 in twenty years. This is basically a new dimension. For the first ten years, I envision this as a purely "paper program", doing research on past space programs, in particular Mercury through Apollo, but any and all launch platforms and spacecraft which have been done. We may additionally seek to gain additional education (for instance, I would like aerospace engineering and material science undergraduate degrees at a minimum; we also are going to need experienced test pilots).
Space Program Initial Vision: [NYAN 2035] We must send a mission to visit the site of the Apollo 17 plaque on the Moon
Also, I've replaced the previous "Nekonauts of the Month" competition with a "Who Wants to be a Nillionaire?". The major difference is that rather than relying upon me to track everything, the expectation is that Nekonauts will sign up and self-report accomplishments.
Nyan Projects
[Hype] Browser based MMORPG accepting Nyancoins for member items: KojoSlayer's latest foray into nyan video game development! I've seen an early preview and it reminds me of a primitive Runescape (meant as a compliment)
Fun Posts
Insert NyanDisk 1 into Drive A:: NyanDOS!
Nyan like it's 1999 ....: telnet into nyan!
[breaking news] Nyancoins will be bought out by Garza in a last-ditch attempt to save Paycoin - April fool's post
Trumpchain on Twitter: "It can happen. Our blockchain has tremendous potential. We have tremendous people. #MakeTheBlockchainGreatAgain" - Terrific shitpost; really fantastic!
Join the Nekonauts today! - Cool nyan poster
"I really hope Satoshi is finally dumping and declaring that, like, Nyancoin is the true bearer of his vision." - CountOneInterrupt - My favorite idea ever
Nyancoin Zen - So cute. This may be my favorite nyan image ever for its understatement and beauty.
High Definition Nyan up close - Amusing
Making PC more Nyan-Friendly! - cute; amusing. Such nyan!
Typical Nyancoiner breakfast. - DobbsCoin is great with this stuff!
[meta] [misadventures of coinaday] [Pizza Boy Adventures] Late Night Pizza - Just a little choose-your-own-delivery I wrote during my stint as a pizza delivery boy.
I don't know how I wasn't aware of this site before - I still can't believe there's an entire site for this!
Want more NYAN? Faucet Mrai and trade to me for NYAN (and then hodl!): What is says on the tin. The faucet is down temporarily at time of this writing, but it'll be back up before I update this section likely. The price offered there is low (mailing list mentioning 200-300 satoshi currently; my offer is worth about 2 satoshi currently); I would consider higher, but probably wouldn't pay those apparent market rates (no actual exchange yet).
Force Multipliers
Content about the difference a determined person can make. Intended as inspiration.
[Force Multiplier] [Original Content] [pdf; 23 pages] Archimedes and the Siege of Syracuse - Previously unpublished paper I wrote for a history course in college.
[Force Multipliers] [Military History] Julius Caesar's Greatest Military Victory (Video; 10 minutes) - An explanation of achieving victory in an apparently unwinnable situation.
[Force Multipliers] [Naval History] Korea: Admiral Yi - I: Keep Beating the Drum - Extra History - Incredible loyalty and dedication from this greatest Admiral saved his country
Content which fits the themes of fun, self-improvement, and service to others.
Wikipedia essay: WikiLove - I think Wikipedia's policies are in a lot of ways something to look up to. It's true that they're stuck in bureaucracy now, and have driven away many experts, but they function and their policies have helped to give some structure to the anarchy.
[US history and macroeconomics] [59 minute video] Thom Hartmann, "The Crash of 2016" - Interesting video. I think the predicted outcome is something of a longshot, but it's interesting to me that he called Sanders as a major factor in the election years ago.
Taylor Mali, "Words and Their Consequences" (68 min video) - Poetry and philosophy
We Are One - Didn't get any attention at the time, but this is a general statement about the power of people working together.
A Message of Hope for the World - What's the point of Nyancoins? To inspire people.
A brief word on censorship - tl;dr: Censorship is bad, m'kay?
Who Owns Nyancoins? - Hodlers.
To The Moon is Not Enough: 100 Year Planning - About the importance of an unlimited time horizon. We build to last.
Catch-all category. Okay, this category got out of hand. I should do a second round later and break this out into a few different ones.
The best argument I've heard so far for keeping the 1MB cap in Bitcoin - I still think it would have been better for Bitcoin to grow, but this is the strongest argument for its stagnation in capacity that I've seen.
[conceptual design] How we should expect 100,000 transactions in a minute (or second?) to be handled - This is about the idea that we should expect to be able to handle large loads without crashing. Pretty basic. Related to an /cryptocurrency post I'd made: 100,000 Transactions Per Second: How Do We Get There?, which gives a very high-level overview of one way to reach high throughput capacity using blockchains.
Interesting cryptocurrency to try: raiblocks, protocol without transaction fees or block rewards - I think Raiblocks will be a valuable "companion coin" to Nyancoins ultimately. I don't know how exactly that'll work, but I believe that good cryptocurrency communities should make alliances. If nothing else, we can be valuable to each other as the "loyal opposition", critics who want to see success.
Coin-a-Year: Nyancoin : link to /CryptoCurrency post - Summary of the first year or so of NYAN revival
[far future concept] Nyanshares, Nythereumbits, and all-in on 37 rainbow - A double post: first part describes a possible spin-off, hybrid, 'companion coin' we could make in future years. The second part talks about what a gamble NYAN is.
NyanCoin compilation guide and downsizing / NyanChain [semi-meta] - Has a link to a guide for compiling nyancoind on servers.
[meta] [misadventures of coinaday] Stuck in the Dihydrogen Monoxide - Another in a series of coinaday posts proving "play stupid games; win stupid prizes"
[Data] Faucet Stats - KojoSlayer's faucet stats
Thing to do a thing that can't do that thing.... - Bit of code for pulling BTC/NYAN feed from Cryptopia.
Fresh builds, coming up! - initial report from vmp32k on attempting to modernize the codebase
DigiShield - suggestion for different difficulty algorithm
BIP101 implementation to be made available for altcoins - prohashing announcing that they will have a Scrypt BIP101 implementation; this is planned to be our base for NYAN3
Year 1: Acquisition and Triage ; Year 2: Acquisition and Build - Optimistic; in reality, year two of the revival has largely been me just trying to survive. Hopefully more acquisition and build as the year goes on.
[technical] [financial] Price Stability and Consistent Hashing - Basic theory. If we have consistent prices, we'll have more consistent hashing.
[technical] [forking] [NYAN3] Should running old defaults be considered a vote against a hard fork or should the veto need to be explicit? / General voting discussion - What it says on the tin. I haven't gotten feedback on this yet. It's far in the future, but I think it's a critical question. I'm not sure which way is correct.
2015 in review: overview - Initial summary of the previous year; written before the Coin-a-Year post which did similar
[meta] [finance] [misadventures of coinaday] Paying Debts - Since writing this, I've gone further into debt. I need to get my personal finances together this year, for my own sake, for the sake of those I owe, and for the sake of Nyancoins.
Countdown to the Second Halving - The current block is 1168851 as I write this; we've got less than 350,000 more blocks until the third halving!
I updated the major risks page for Nyancoins to include mention of the fork bug and 'time warp'. Please review and comment. - bolded for visibility; I consider the risks document and making sure that we inform potential buyers as much as possible to be a critical requirement for us
[technical] [security] Time warp, fork bug, disclosure policies, and practical results: a working system despite flaws - Discussion of the success of Nyancoins as a working system despite its technical vulnerabilities.
Zero Fees (*) - Discussion of the role of zero fee transactions and why I consider them important
[finance] [meta] [Misadventures of coinaday] overdrafts and consequences / Cryptopia 1sat Dump - Discussion of my stupidity and its consequences on Nyancoins' financial health
[technical] NIP 1: Base NYAN3 on XT - I consider this critical. We will make a statement about not following the path Bitcoin is currently going down. This is not urgent for us because our activity is so low, but it will be part of building a strong foundation for the future.
Hodling Update: 30% - I haven't done the math recently. I'm probably within 5% of this, but I don't know if I've gone up or down. I haven't given away a whole lot, but I have put no new money into Nyancoins for months from being so broke. I've still gained some millions more from when my 5 satoshi bids got hit though.
[finance] Up? Down? Horizontal? - Considering 30 - It's pretty sad how far we are from 30 satoshi now (4 satoshi at the moment). I believe we'll get it back ultimately, but the revival certainly hasn't had the financial success I'd hoped.
Dice soft launch - Not sure of the current state here. Check with KojoSlayer.
State of the NYAN October 2015: An interlude for gratitude and yearning for more - I should get back to doing these monthly eventually. Right now it's quiet enough that there doesn't seem to be a real need.
[financial] NYAN vs DOGE as a long-term store of value - What it says. I believe that the lower supply inflation and smaller supply of NYAN will ultimately lead to NYAN trading above DOGE (currently trading at less than 10:1).
[finance] [stats] [gaming] Breaking the Bank: Risk-of-Ruin, Dice Games, and Basic Logic - I'm pretty proud of this one. By having more money than god, and a screwed up default max bet rule, I was able to beat the house. 8-)
100M - Talking about the remaining supply and the implications.
I think I'm done with this update (at least getting the new content in; I have not changed the old text and content, which is everything below).
Since I can only have one thing stickied at a time, but there are a lot of different things going on, I've switched over to having one main link collection post. And this is it.
I'll update this periodically (I'll try to do a major update once a month) and might replace it at some point. It'll have general discussion of the context behind why these various threads are significant.
I'm doing August and September together for Nekonaut awards and updates here since I got a bit busy at work. NYAN2 is released as a first-draft, but I haven't built it yet (nor done final changes and fixes). I need a computer with more RAM than what I have available to me now. However, I'm quite satisfied with the performance of NYAN1.2, ancient though it may be, so I'm not treating it as an emergency.
The biggest news is that we are now listed on ! They are a great community and provide better ecosystem support than most exchanges: they include a pool and explorer along with the exchange. And their exchange has a lot of basepairs, with NYAN/BTC, NYAN/UNO, NYAN/DOGE, and NYAN/DOT being relatively active, NYAN/LTC being quiet, and the other two (popularcoin and feathercoin) being unfamiliar to me and generally unused.
Oh, also, when I've taken a look at it, the Nyanchain seems to be running smoothly. I haven't been watching too closely, but the status page is usually showing all green. I especially like seeing the high number of connections (generally close to 30). [Comment from July version; still accurate. I should get automated metrics on the Nyanchain someday, but in the meantime, it seems to be moving pretty smoothly anecdotally.]
Top stories from August and Septemberish
Nekonauts of the Months, August and September 2015 - Combined awards, three awards for 1M as a result, and such. Just check it out. :-)
New IRC channel and tipbot - This came about during the listing process; we are now at #nyan2
WE ARE LIVE! Cryptopia added us just now!! - Culmination of the process of getting listed on Cryptopia. After leading in user votes and DOT votes after the first couple days, the admins decided to add us. So as I count it, we won three votes. :-)
Looking good on Cryptopia so far - My early reaction to the exchange.
The past few days. - Repost of a classic, which is always a good idea in NYAN, given our rich archives.
Miners We Need YOU! - Brief discussion by KojoSlayer about the importance of miners to the Nyancoin ecosystem.
Nyancoind Dockerfile (for the tech-nyans) - Cool demo by vmp32k
Nyancat all up on your Vim command line. - Cool xpost from /vim.
[financial] I hit a positive balance on Cryptsy-NYAN again - I started buying on Cryptsy. I've since withdrawn from Cryptsy and am working on eliminating my balances there, but I've got a lot of altcoins to consolidate yet.
100M - A discussion of the remaining supply to be generated (now under 100 million more coins)
Top stories from July
Gitian Build Instructions - !!! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out. With this roadmap, we should be able to help others build *coins with gitian as well as provide a solid introduction to our own community members. This should be linked and submitted for feedback elsewhere; I should report back to the Litecoin thread with a link to this for discussion. I cannot overstate how important I find this contribution.
Nekonauts of the Month, July 2015 - Still going with this. I may not always get this perfect, but I hope that it will help add some motivation and recognition to the community who is building the next generation of Nyancoins.
Ɲyancoins for Nekonauts! [designs] - Some logos and concept art; a start by W7phone; we hope to see more of this type of thing!
[hypothetical] What would it take for us to be able to start our own Nyan exchanges? - tl;dr: Let's get setup on some decentralized exchanges!
Linux Nekonauts: Building nyancoind - I should get this in the sidebar somewhere. An excellent first post by gentlenyan !
Top stories from June
Nekonauts of the Month, June 2015 - Latest round of awards; I plan to keep doing this each month for as long as I can
[community] You are a leader of Nyancoins / Herding Cats: Leading Leaders; Leadership in a Decentralized Community - A discussion of the importance of you to the success of Nyancoins
vmp32k launches a beta of a faucet - When is this going live?
kojoslayer launches a faucet
Various post on mining being stuck - we are still a bit spotty, but it seems like it might be a bit better. We could use something more than just an instantaneous status page; if someone wants to make something which does statistical analysis of the performance of the nyanchain, that would be awesome.
Broke through the 40 satoshi ceiling, and Plagiarizing great speeches in history and claiming to have a community mandate: Coin-a-Day writes inspirational pap as we stand on the verge of breaking through the 50 satoshi ceiling and envisions the glorious future ahead - and rather more. The price dipped back down on Cryptsy since, but we had a nice rise for a while. I'm hoping that when we get an exchange we have confidence in, we'll see more buying again.
Warning: Cryptsy does not process large NYAN withdrawals - This is why I recommend not using Cryptsy; plus this
Top stories from May
First off: Ɲyancoins needs YOU! - This is a discussion of how all of us have something we can do for Nyancoins, and how improving your own life is absolutely one of those things.
Nekonauts of the Month, May 2015 - This is my first month running this competition. I'm looking to recognize people who are active and contributing to the community and to give them NYAN to help further whatever they'd like to do next.
The network is stable! - Thanks to a new miner, spydud22, we are showing all green on status!
Wow, very large chunk of NYAN at 40 satoshi (6 million) - The title is outdated; there's about double this volume now. [Edit: And now the title is accurate again.]
Initial notes and thoughts on the Nyancoins client update - I've identified the approximate version of Litecoin that Nyancoins is based on and looked at a diff. It looks reasonable and do-able. I haven't yet looked at the latest branch on which I'll apply these changes.
Nyancoins 2.0 - first draft of NYAN2
(intentional duplication from top stories for July; I consider it that important): Gitian Build Instructions - !!! This is exactly what I was trying to figure out. With this roadmap, we should be able to help others build *coins with gitian as well as provide a solid introduction to our own community members. This should be linked and submitted for feedback elsewhere; I should report back to the Litecoin thread with a link to this for discussion. I cannot overstate how important I find this contribution.- earlier working notes
Cross-platform Gitian builds - Discussion about getting Gitian builds to work for Mac without access to a Mac.
Initial notes and thoughts on the Nyancoins client update - Right now I haven't had time to do much more on this, but I need to work on doing the Litecoin gitian build yet.
Gitian Build - jwflame's initial notes on trying the gitian build
Distributed Library Coin; stealing^Wrepurposing the ideas of others - Introducing the concept; basically a virtual lending library for the community; Learned Optimism is offered.
[DLC] Siege of Earth - Second post, offering Siege of Earth, a classic sci fi tale
[Idea] Minecraft NyanCoins - KojoSlayer is making a cool Minecraft Nyancoins faucet sort of thing (get Nyancoins for playing Minecraft).
[Sneak Peak] Nyancoin Minecraft Server - This project is moving forward quite quickly! See also /NyanCoinsMC for more information.
[Beta] Launch Nyancoins Minecraft Server : NyanCoinsMC - BOOM! I'm amazed at how quickly this has gotten setup. Go check it out!
Background / theory
Overview of major risks of buying Nyancoins - I've tried to collect every risk I could think of in this one place. This is important reading before investing.
Nyan's core principles and why they matter
draft one of Cold Storage 101: How to secure your coins for long-term hodling - I need to incorporate the suggestions still, but between the article and the comments, this is decent.
I will work harder: in which Coinaday reports for duty - My statement that this is going to a new level for me: I'm considering this my dream job now, rather than just my hobby. I'm dedicating myself to serving this community as best I can.
[community] You are a leader of Nyancoins / Herding Cats: Leading Leaders; Leadership in a Decentralized Community - This is a discussion of the importance of each individual, in particular you, to this revival.
A really good read about fiduciary duties in running an exchange - discussion of the responsibility one takes on in managing money for others
[rant] In response to "there is only BTC [and maybe LTC [and maybe DOGE]] AND DEFINITELY NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" - Possibly amusing rant.
My most worthless and most valuable coins: Comparing DIME and 42 - A discussion about interpreting spot price in context
[theory] Bitcoin discussion of hard forks - Talking about the risks involved with a hard fork
Rooting for LTC's Rally to Hold: Nyancoins and the Cryptocurrency Market - Nyancoins do not stand alone. Although it's easy to see the rise of another cryptocurrency as weakening us, because we might trade lower against them temporarily, I believe that a stronger CryptoCurrency market as a whole will be important for our long-term health.
[financial] Cryptocurrency valuation models: Considering Nyancoins as a zero-coupon bond against the community
Classic Posts
Why Nyancoin will hit $1/NYAN (and much more). We're going to space, and you're invited! - This is an infamous post by americanpegasus. I believe it was actually someone mocking him in /bitcoin by linking to this which first made me aware that Nyancoins existed, and got the idea in my head that it was a deadcoin (from seeing a post/comments on the sub at the time which claimed that). So the dream of this post was actually so bold that it brought it back from the grave, because it was bold enough to be mocked, and that mockery eventually led me to investigate it, and that investigation led me to fall in love.
1Ɲ >= 1Đ - This is a vision I have, that we shall rise above DOGE. This is not a dig against DOGE but merely a statement about the growth I expect to see us have. There are about 500x as many Dogecoins as there are Nyancoins, so even if we remain significantly smaller we can easily pass their unit price. We've done so briefly previously but are currently below this mark.
We choose to go to the Moon - This is my manifesto about why I am doing this. Cribbed from JFK's moon speech, it is meant to express that it is because of, not in spite of, the challenges that we face that I am here. This started out as a personal challenge. While I certainly would like to get rich off of this, the reason I chose to pursue this is because if we do then, then we're awesome badasses that people can be impressed by.
The original Nyancoins intro video - wasn't really sure where to categorize this
Older stories
I'll move stories down here as they get older. For now it's the block stoppage stuff as that seems to have stabilized.
Holy shit, 22 hours since the last block. At this rate, I'm going to have to start solving hashes by hand... - This was my post about the block stoppage.
Difficulty has spiked again; if we hit another stall I'll try the transaction fee trick again - Another block stoppage, and a record of my attempt to use the same trick to break it loose again (transaction fee incentive).
I'm ready to give up on life; in which coinaday finally has his full-blown mental breakdown. So long, and thanks for all the rainbows! - My personal mental breakdown. Just listed here because it made an impact. Also, it was an amazing response from the community which meant a lot to me.
Fuck it; encore une fois - My reaction afterward, saying that I'll give things another shot.
Disregard the below: GFS has been down for a few months and probably won't be back. At one point, this project had been offered to me, and perhaps I should have taken it, but I felt like I was already heavily committed here and couldn't take that on as well. It's a shame that no one managed to keep it running though. I really liked the idea.
Disregard the below: it's back down again, last I checked. Not sure what to link on that. The new bot got mildly political again / referenced being a shadowbanned user, and bam. I'm not sure where this is going to go now, if anywhere. Although I suppose the on-blockchain stuff isn't affected, and I'd wager go1dfish will do something again.
/GetFairShare will be attempting another distribution today; go try it out! - GetFairShare is back! Go get free money!
I don't really understand what's going on, but apparently the bot used for /GetFairShare got banned - Some background on GFS having gone down
I think that this will continue to be useful as we gain a larger and larger volume of posts and help me not have to worry about burying something significant posted a couple weeks back or something.
Also, right now I'm just gleaning from the frontpage, but I'll add in some great classic posts too.
Let me know in the comments if there are other posts you'd like to see added here.
submitted by coinaday to nyancoins [link] [comments]

/r/conspiracy Drilldown September 2014

/conspiracy Drilldown

Subreddit Similarity
/worldpolitics 0.23473
/Libertarian 0.19504
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 0.19002
/UFOs 0.1888
/conspiratard 0.18751
/911truth 0.18541
/POLITIC 0.17161
/undelete 0.17006
/collapse 0.16926
/altnewz 0.16583
/cringepics 0.1439
/woahdude 0.14031
/ImGoingToHellForThis 0.13993
/trees 0.13632
/4chan 0.13603
/TrueReddit 0.1344
/MorbidReality 0.13109
/JusticePorn 0.13104
/EndlessWar 0.12756
/occupywallstreet 0.12607
/offbeat 0.12571
/Psychonaut 0.12177
/cringe 0.12089
/HistoryPorn 0.11975
/facepalm 0.1187
/Bitcoin 0.11581
/environment 0.11561
/DescentIntoTyranny 0.11301
/reactiongifs 0.11246
/rage 0.11182
/Economics 0.10968
/skeptic 0.10958
/AnythingGoesNews 0.10837
/MURICA 0.10674
/Conservative 0.10664
/evolutionReddit 0.10567
/circlejerk 0.10555
/MensRights 0.10511
/changemyview 0.10467
Of 2931 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/trees 763
/cringepics 603
/woahdude 532
/worldpolitics 482
/Libertarian 473
/4chan 462
/ImGoingToHellForThis 415
/cringe 404
/gonewild 403
/JusticePorn 394
/Games 381
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 380
/reactiongifs 360
/Bitcoin 358
/MorbidReality 357
/TrueReddit 349
/pcmasterrace 339
/sex 326
/Android 323
/gameofthrones 320
/HistoryPorn 315
/offbeat 303
/Frugal 299
/circlejerk 294
/facepalm 293
/conspiratard 292
/Drugs 291
/changemyview 291
/promos 288
/nfl 271
/UFOs 270
/TumblrInAction 263
/SubredditDrama 262
/guns 260
/rage 259
/Unexpected 253
/Economics 252
/soccer 252
/MensRights 241
/nsfw 239
/undelete 237
/offmychest 233
/AskHistorians 232
/mildlyinfuriating 224
/YouShouldKnow 223
/Psychonaut 221
/nba 218
/scifi 215
/collapse 210
/interestingasfuck 207
/self 206
/breakingbad 205
/firstworldanarchists 203
/skeptic 199
/canada 198
/geek 198
/ 196
/comics 195
/environment 194
/DoesAnybodyElse 194
/TheRedPill 189
/Minecraft 188
/buildapc 188
/AskMen 188
/business 187
/relationships 187
/gentlemanboners 185
/thatHappened 185
/lifehacks 183
/dogecoin 183
/hiphopheads 182
/malefashionadvice 180
/MapPorn 178
/StarWars 178
/Christianity 178
/whatisthisthing 176
/RealGirls 171
/Conservative 170
/CrazyIdeas 169
/techsupport 169
/Whatcouldgowrong 169
/skyrim 167
/leagueoflegends 166
/shittyaskscience 162
/casualiama 160
/Paranormal 156
/911truth 152
/PoliticalDiscussion 152
/GrandTheftAutoV 148
/tipofmytongue 148
/OutOfTheLoop 148
/cats 148
/oddlysatisfying 146
/Steam 145
/thewalkingdead 145
/linux 144
/apple 144
/unitedkingdom 143
/FoodPorn 142
/AbandonedPorn 142
/AskWomen 141
/Anarchism 140
/occupywallstreet 139
/altnewz 138
/cars 138
/talesfromtechsupport 138
/QuotesPorn 136
/Military 135
/pokemon 134
/watchpeopledie 133
/TrollXChromosomes 129
/tattoos 128
/humor 128
/europe 128
/seduction 127
/economy 127
/Cooking 127
/fatlogic 126
/NetflixBestOf 125
/HailCorporate 124
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I want to know what you think.

from here
I want to know what you think of my idea, and how I can improve it.
I'm working on something I'm calling the yip! meta-protocol (yes with the exclamation point) I'm not ready to release the details until I'm sure it works! but this is what I think I'll do:

How to tell if something is a yip!

There will be a header of 20 bytes in an output tx script. the first four bytes of the custom hash will be "yip!" in ASCII/UTF8, and then two bytes for the major version (v1.8) and minor version (v1.8). Then there will be some flags for encryption, compression (so you can pay less for the same message), etc.


As I've said before, this'll cost most likely 1.00000001 doge per 20 characters plus 1.00000001 doge for the header, which turns out, given average text lengths, to be waaaaayyyyyyyyy cheaper than any text plan I've heard of. This, while not free, will make communications so much easier for poorer people who can't stand around getting gouged by telecoms with their friggin' $0.20 per text pricing.


Public-key encryption (the same thing we do for https ssh etc.) of the recipient should be fine, and non-encrypted would be considered "public" and anyone can browse through it; think VM vs PM, tweets vs private messages, etc.


Without any new changes, it would still be a great deal of messages before you hit the 500kb cap per block (500,000/300 = 1,660 messages per minute, ~1,500 messages if you include how much transactions go through etc). It's not just forcing miners to work harder; if the network is maxed out purely by messages, you can earn an extra 3k~4k doge which might not be a lot but is an extra 30%~40% income on top of the 10k block reward. If prices ever reach the moon like we want them to, it could mean that there is an easier ROI for mining. It can potentially give back somewhat profitable mining to the average shibes again (although that's probs not going to last once the rich shibes get their paws on even more stuff). Perhaps if we remove the hardcap on Doge block size (not too unthinkable) we could potentially double, triple, quadruple the profits of Doge. Though by this point you know I'm just having a wet dream of being able to mine profitably again so don't bet too hard on it.
If we wanted real capacity a la Twitter or Facebook, we could make an extension protocol via a header backwards-compatible with all Doge past v1.8. This would mean a sudden hard-fork once activity on yip gets to max out the block size regularly. I don't know if people are willing to deal with all that, or if this will even be successful enough to warrant that.

How it to would work

A new version of Doge would have four options: full node/complete reference (all transactions plus messages), half node/public reference (all transactions plus public messages with no encrypted messages), light node/private chats (all transactions plus relevant/decodable messages), and feather node/empty reference (only financial transactions, no dust transactions headed with Yip! A transfer of more than one doge with Yip at the end is okay).

How would you get the full node, if some nodes don't have all the relevant information?

Well, for starters, you would make a merkle root and trim the unnecessary branches so that the tx size is smaller. Original whitepaper section 7~8 describes a way to trim blocks without breaking the hash; we could do this for "bloat" tx / yip! txs so they are essentially "discarded" for people who don't want or can't have lots of space taken up by the blockchain.
This naturally requires somewhat of a centralization (though it's not that bad – anyone can become one of the "centralized" nodes so it's not like we're trusting third-parties here), which means complete references must be kept around the world. I'm sure this wouldn't be too bad, considering we have sort of a "Node project" going on to establish a strong Dogecoin network anyways.
For those not willing to download an entire petabyte of what essentially amounts to inane bs, they can ping the networks for their version of the blockchain they want. Here is how the protocol pings the network. Referencing here we see that user-agent can be arbitrarily long ( up to around 18 exabytes, but I don't even have that much storage for torrents).
So, using this, adding a "yip!" argument to the end would say that you want all the yips. "yip?" (e.g.) would mean public, "yip." (e.g.) would mean private, and no yip! argument would give you the feather node.
If you send out no yip, then caught-up nodes will assume you're not up-to-date (i.e. v1.8) even if you are up to date, so they will weed out all the msg txs and send you only the trimmed trees. If you send out a "yip", then the nodes will assume the level (if they do not have enough information to send back the yips e.g. a private-reference node gets a request for a public-reference node, they will forward the alert to someone else).
I feel like this is a good idea but you know, I've never been a person to have good ideas.
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/r/dogecoin FAQ - Newcomers please read (/r/bitcoin Fixed)

This posts explains some dos and don'ts about what to post on /Bitcoin .
First lets start with...
Messaging mods
Modmail is for:
Modmail is not for:
Frequent requests:
Please don't post:
Take heed when posting:
  • Memes - memes are allowed, but some people may not like you for posting them. Be sure to use /Bitcoinmemes as well
  • Information about all-time-highs, price spikes, crashes and so forth - 90% of the time, someone has already posted about it. Check /bitcoin/new first before posting.
  • Questions about help with a particular website or business - /Bitcoin is not tech support for any business, you're better off contacting the support of the business in question through their forums or ticket system
What to do if you see...
  • Spam - click "report" underneath the submission, vote accordingly. Don't message mods unless the spam is subtle or needs context
  • Repost - vote accordingly, click "report"
  • A post from the "don't" list above - direct the posted to a proper subreddit if applicable (for questions and newbie posts), vote and report accordingly otherwise
  • A post that is allowed on this subreddit but you don't like it being here - vote accordingly, don't report it. If it is allowed, the mods will not remove the post. Your votes shape what submissions get the most exposure - upvote the posts you want to see more of, downvote the ones you want to see less of.
Some good guides you should look into:
Please do
  • Read the sidebar for community rules - following them will make everyone's day better.
  • Be sceptical of any news without credible sources - a lot of bad people are trying to play on your emotions by fabricating fake stories. Be sceptical of any story without a credible citation, especially when it is related to economic or legal side of things.
Thank you for your attention. Post responsibly, vote on all submissions, live and let live, have fun.
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Dogecoin. Unlike Dash, the value of Dogecoin is not dependent on the market rates of Bitcoin. Young and unique, it was initially developed in 2013 as a ‘joke currency’ (an Internet meme by the name ‘doge’, featuring the image of the Japanese dog Shiba Inu and inscribed with broken English characters) but became popular over time and made it to the list of serious payment gateways. Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon, who hoped to create a fun cryptocurrency that could reach a broader demographic than bitcoin. In addition, he wanted to distance it from the controversial history of other coins, mainly bitcoins. At the same time, Jackson Palmer, a member of Adobe Systems' marketing department in Sydney, Australia, was encouraged on Twitter ... The bitcoin wiki’s mining hardware comparison page is a good place to go for rough information on hash rates for different hardware. When choosing a hardware, it’s worth looking at your device ... Bitcoin vs Ripple is a battle between two cryptocurrencies which on the face of it you’d think would be similar, but which in fact aren’t. Here’s what they are and here’s how they differ. Bitcoin. Bitcoin was first released in 2009. The identity of its creator is not known, but whoever it was used the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin vs Ripple is a battle between two cryptocurrencies which on the face of it you’d think would be similar, but which in fact aren’t. ... Cloud Mining Bitcoin Mining Bitcoin Cash Mining Litecoin Mining Ethereum Mining Ripple Mining Monero Mining Dogecoin Mining Dash Mining Aeon Mining Grin Mining Beam Mining zCash Mining.

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